Comper Smarkin (4 in 1 Smart Skincare Device)
Comper Smarkin (4 in 1 Smart Skincare Device)
Comper Smarkin (4 in 1 Smart Skincare Device)
Comper Smarkin (4 in 1 Smart Skincare Device)
Comper Smarkin (4 in 1 Smart Skincare Device)
Comper Smarkin (4 in 1 Smart Skincare Device)
Comper Smarkin (4 in 1 Smart Skincare Device)

Comper Smarkin (4 in 1 Smart Skincare Device)

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Brings Beauty

Comper Smarkin

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Interface your skin

Customize your personal routine with the
help of enhanced radio frequency,
microcurrent, LED therapy, and micro
vibration which work together dynamically
according to your skin condition.

Radio Frequency skin tightening

RF with 3 levels

With 3 levels Radio Frequency to switch, 2
circular electrodes produce seamless
electromagnetic field that affects to about
4mm depth of our skin.

Laser from red to near infrared

LED Therapy

Smarkin produces 630 nm and 850nm
wavelengths light energy that penetrate the
skin at around 1.5-2.5mm depth, brings
you extensive beneficial effects on the skin

Electrical muscle stimulation

EMS With 3 Levels

The circular electrodes generate micro
current with 3 intensities for the elicitation
of muscle contraction in different levels,
with the effects such as muscle toning and
face lifting.

Micro vibration therapy

MASS at Best

Comper Smarkin generates the efficient and
comfortable micro-vibration frequency that
amplify the beneficial effects of cream and
boost micro-circulation under the dermis.

Color for you

Red  \  light gray  \  gray

Simple for more

Smarkin is designed as only 12.3cm length
without the LED screen, because the
ever-evolved Comper Health App will show
you more.

One is All

Just playing magic on your fingertips, enjoy
in turn Comper Smarin into other facial
machine you have ever interested, just by
simple setting in Comper Health App.

Most comfortable in hand

silicon rubber

The body is wrapped with medical-grade
silicon rubber which brings Smarkin the
IPX6 water resistant level and extra stability
during the operation.

Larger treatment

The treatment surface is designed with diameter
as 53.4 mm with the circular electrodes being
51.2mm and 12.81 mm each. It significantly
improves the efficiency for each lifting or circling
operation on your face.

Smart Solution

Personal skincare routine based on your
skin type, dream skin goal and technology

Focus on your

The video and voice guidance in the App will
clearly guide you on the correct face areas
and gestures as you focus on your face
throughout the operation.

Product efficacy:
Wrinkle reduction
Face lifting and firming
Pigmentation disorder improvement
Face contouring
Acne scar reduction
Quick hydration
Product accessories:
Comper HA Essence
Comper provides medical-quality HA essence (a.k.a., Hyaluronic Acid gel), instead of ordinary skincare gel. This results in better electric conduction for the treatment that the device itself provides, while also moisturizing your skin during the session.
Comper HA Sheet Mask
Want to save time? Looking to maximize the results? By using the Smarkin’s customized “Mask Mode” with the Comper HA Sheet Mask, you can minimize the time each session requires, while amplifying the benefits. This is thanks to the sheet mask’s ability to better conduct the LED and RF qualities of the device, while also rapidly hydrating your skin.