Comper Smart Body Weight Scale
Comper Smart Body Weight Scale
Comper Smart Body Weight Scale
Comper Smart Body Weight Scale

Comper Smart Body Weight Scale

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Weigh your life

Comper Smart Scale

Fall in love
with ultra

You will fall in love with its ultrathin
body and ultralow stable base with
only 2 mm clearance.As an elegant
emboss of the floor,it provides extra
security to the families with babies,
elders.and especially to the
pregnant women.



loves arc

You won’t have the problem stepping
on the platform as you get out of the bath.
The slightly arc-shaped surface with
anti-slip surface perfectly fits
your bare wet feet arch. The
snug, safe and stable feelings
will take away any worries
aboutyour weight for
the moment.

from inside out

It's safe to put your baby on the platform
to weigh him(her) growing up day after
day,This is not only because it is ultra stable,
but also because its materials won’t harm your
baby or environment. The materials the Scale
is built from are ceritified for safety and health
by European RoHS(The Restriction
ofHazardous Substances).

App for Women

You can use it with Comper Health App when
you are pregnant or prepare pregnancy.It's in
sync with scale in real-time to save,
record and chart your weight data,to
guide you follow the weight gain during
your pregnancy.Two additional apps
will help you to manage your
routine diet and body fitness.

Download app

Weigh your baby
from newborn

With Comper Health App,the Baby
Holding Mode allows you to weigh your
newborn baby fromthe weight of 11lbs since
that is the lbs minimum weight capacity
of the Scale.

App for Family

11 Ibs minimum weighing capacity
allows you to weigh your newborn baby
and create a new account for him/her in
Comper Health App.The App is synchronized
with the scale to record and chart weight
data of your family,calculate the BMI for the
further health analysis,You can also set
your desired weight at work your way to it.

  • High accuracy,the bias of reading below 0.1 kg
  • Arc surface with anti-slip technology is designed to fit the arch
  • Ultrathin design with only 2mm
    clearance ultralow base provides
    ultra stability
  • 11~330 lbs extensive measurement
  • 2 Apps support both woman and whole family needs.
  • Environmentally safe materials, safety,
    and health certified by European RoHS.